Say What Sandwich

There are some foods that make you feel absolutely marvelous for a very long time.  This is one of them.

Now, I’ve always resisted eating them. Personal trainers and health experts extolled their benefits, I ignored them.  Too fishy, too nasty, too weird.

They are on The Eleven Best Foods You Aren’t Eating I had to give them a try.

Now that I’ve tried them I can tell you they are really good for you and they make you feel really good.

I was almost 60 before I intentionally purchased, opened and then ate my first canned sardine.  Stay with me now, don’t run away.

With a little bit of mayonnaise on whole wheat toast with some fresh spinach leaves, they make a marvelous sandwich. And it makes you feel really good.

To begin, look for cans that are packed in olive oil.  This brand says wood smoked. They’re a good start.

Open the can, and if you’re daring, try one or a little piece of one.  Uhmm, not so bad.

Toast some high quality whole wheat bread and spread it with mayonnaise.  Lay the little sardines out and smash them flat.  Add some fresh spinach leaves, a little mayonnaise on the top, slice it in half and it’s done.

Uhm, delicious!  Each can makes at least two sandwiches.

Once you’re experienced, you might want to try some of the less expensive varieties. These cans are often available for about a dollar a can.

Stick to olive oil, soy bean oil or water pack fish.  The mustard, tomatoe and seasoned packings seem to be used to disguise the taste of lower quality fishier fish.

If you’re like me, you’ll feel a renewed sense of energy and mental acuity when you eat this fish.  The key is to find ways to make them as attractive and enticing as possible.

Sardines are relatively small fish at the bottom of the food chain. They normally do not have high concentrations of PCBs and mercury that often contaminate larger fish like Tuna and Swordfish.

Large fish (like Tuna) that eat smaller fish like Sardines concentrate contaminates in their bodies.  Sardines feed on

I hope you’ll enjoy Say What Sandwiches.

This is Michele Moore, CEO of Happiness Habit wishing you great health and happiness.


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