Pop Corn Perfection

Pop Corn can be a wonderfully tasty, filling, healthy, low calorie snack if it’s prepared correctly.

Look for bags of plain popping corn at your favorite retailer.  They’re much less expensive and healthier than the prepared microwave pop corn.  And you can control the seasonings you add to it.

The key is to pop the corn oil free in a dry air popper or a microwave corn popper.

I bought my plastic microwave corn popper years ago for about a dollar.  It certainly doesn’t look new, but it still works very well.

Fill it with corn, place it in the microwave and pop.  You get a whole lot of hot dry pop corn for just a few calories.

The secret is to season it well. I like lots of variety.

Try using a little olive oil with your favorite seasoning salt.  Celery salt is good too.

Or try use Sesame Oil, which is very healthy – my favorite is Kokohama (sp?) with a little bit of plain salt or salt substitute.

You can experiment with garlic flavored oils and lots of different seasoning combinations.

Use salt substitutes if you are concerned about sodium.

It’s delicious, healthy, inexpensive, fast and oh, so easy.

I hope Pop Corn Perfection will become one of your favorite, healthy snacks.

I’m Michele Moore, CEO of Happiness Habit wishing you great health and happiness.


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