July 25, 2008

Wonderfully Delicious, Healthy, Fast, Easy and Inexpensive!

We have a limited number of calories we can consume each day, why not make them healthy, terrifically tasty, easy and inexpensive?

Get the greatest joy and good health from the foods you eat.  Enjoy energized, enhanced, expanded well-being from what you eat and do.’s recipes and recommendations help you live a happy, healthy life.  (Recipes, links and listings will expand.)

From The Eleven Best Foods You Aren’t Eating (
Chard Slaw Salad

Rowdy Rice
Rowdy Brown/White Rice
Rowdy Rice & Beans
Beet PancakesBeat Benefits

Favorite Family Recipes:
Corn in the Husk

Salt & Pepper Butter
Popped Corn Perfection
Speedy Wild Salmon Salad
Sweet Potato Snacks
Sweet & Sour Beans
Wild Salmon Salad
Tuna Tomato Aspic

Recipes from The World’s Healthiest Foods – coming soon.

Fattening Faux Health Foods:
Are You Going to Eat That? Seven foods you think are healthy but aren’t! (MSNBC)
Food To Avoid (Nutrition Action)
When Is a Salad Not a Healthy Choice (
The 6 Worst Swimsuit Foods (
8 Ultimate Flat-Belly Summer Foods (

Eat This Not That!GREAT Healthy, Calorie Saving Substitutes from