Chard Slaw Salad

Cabbage and cold slaw are not especially exciting.

Chard is an attractive garnish.

Eat them for good health?

The thought had never occurred to me until I read The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating ( which suggested we eat more cabbage, cold slaw and chard for good health.

I don’t especially enjoy cabbage or cold slaw and raw chard is too tough to eat by itself.

Together they make a very tasty and interesting combination.

Chard Slaw Salad is fast, easy, inexpensive, very healthy and utterly delicious.  It’s become one of my favorite recipes.

This is prepared cold slaw fresh from the bag.  Look at the luscious chard we found at our favorite grocery chain.  We’ve washed and spun the chard, and we’re tearing it up into tiny pieces.  Save the stalks for soups or slice them and add them to mixed vegetables you’ll cook.

Toss them together.  The deep green chard adds a lot of punch and personality to the slaw.  This is a prepared peppercorn ranch salad dressing straight from the bottle.

Voila!   Fast, easy, inexpensive, very healthy.  And utterly delicious.  Check out the calorie count on the bag – you can eat a lot of cold slaw for just a few calories.

See the script and recipe posted on the Healthy hyphen Happiness dot com website.

I hope you’ll enjoy Chard Slaw Salad.

This is Michele Moore, CEO of Happiness Habit wishing you great health and happiness.


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