Salt & Pepper Butter

Do you like to eat your corn on the cob with butter, salt and pepper.  Rolling the corn around while you apply butter, then salt and then pepper takes time and loses lots of the seasonings on the plate.  Why not combine them into one handy stick?

Soften a stick of butter or butter substitute at room temperature. Scrap it into a dish and add salt and pepper.  White pepper is an attractive alternative when presentation is important. Save the aluminum wrapper.

Mix it all together thoroughly and carefully.

Reform the aluminum wrapper and place it back in the butter box for support.  Fill it with the soften butter, salt and pepper mixture and then chill.

When it’s time to cook and serve the corn, simply pull down the wrapper and smear it on the corn.

Voila!  The salt and pepper is already there.

I hope you’ll enjoy Salt & Pepper Butter with your Corn in the Husk!

This is Michele Moore, CEO of Happiness Habit wishing you great health and happiness.


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